Boss Katana Mini

Boss Katana Mini

I used this little box for several times now and I still are very pleased. It is made to jam spontaneously (even only run by batteries). Guitar, cable and the Katana Mini, here we go. Though it is quite small as you can see on the pictures the sound is better than expected. It get’s a big Thump up. You can see, or better hear it, in some of my videos.

I just found out, that there is also a Wifi-version available, called „Katana Mini air“.

– output: 7 W
– 3 Basis Amp types : Brown / Crunch / Clean
– Speaker: 1x 4″ Lautsprecher
– analog multi-stage Gain with 3-Band analog EQ
– closed box construction
– adjustments: (Mono): Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Delay Time, Delay Level
– adjustment knobs: Amp Type, On/Off
– Effects: Delay
– input: 6,3 mm Klinke
– Aux input: 3,5 mm Stereo 
– Phones/Rec : 3,5 mm Stereo 
– needs: 350 mA
– powered by 6 x AA batteries or a 9 V DC adapter
– dimensions: 230 x 116 x 181 mm
– weight: 1,2 kg

bei Thomann: Boss Katana Mini

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