I launched my YouTube channel today

Today I launched my YouTube channel. This channel mainly is about progressive rock and prog metal music. But though I already existed in the 1970s, this is not about the big bands from this period like Led Zeppelin, Genesis (with Peter Gabriel;-), Jetztro Tull, Yes, Pink Floyd, and so on. I’m also a big fan of Frank Zappa. From my point of view no one combined highly sophisticated music with social and political content and , very important: humor, in such a brilliant way.
But this channel is about the young guns, bands that exist, or have existed, in this decade and are not yet that big, though they would deserve it. That is why I put together a playlist to mak it easier for you to find some good music on this vast YouTube thing. Now and then I also post videos of me, but that is not the main purpose,…. please check it out….


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